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  • Do you offer Free Trials?
    Yes, C2X does offer a free trial period. Please contact the club for further details.
  • Do you offer private sessions?
    Yes, we offer 1:1 client sessions for fitness, and wrestling. For additonal information on scheduling a personal session, and for pricing please contact Tom Tanis (
  • What are your Mat & Equipment cleaning policies?
    Here at C2X we understand and take our members and guests health concerns seriously. Please see below for Mat and equipment cleaning information. Mats are cleaned and disinfected after each class. All equipment is disinfected and cleaned after each use.
  • What if I have health issues? Are any of your classes good for me?
    We have many optoins at C2X - If you are unsure please reach out to Coach Tom - In the mean time - Yoga is a great activity for you if you have exisiting conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease. It gives you strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness. If you have any pre-exisiting conditions please consult with a medical professional before attending any classes.
  • Is C2X Cryotherapy safe?
    Yes. C2x Cryotherapy uses cold air, so the cooling agents never actually come into contact with your skin. The air is chilled using liquid nitrogen, and nitrogen makes up 78% of the air we breath. Because the temperature change to your body is only superficial, your internal body temperature remains constant throughout treatment. Your head is always kept outside of the low temperature area. Remember there is always a staff memeber with you the entire process.
  • How does C2X Cryotherapy help heal?
    Small tears, injuries, and strains are a natural byproduct of living an active life. In order to maintain ultimate health and performance however, it’s critical that these injuries are mitigated quickly and naturally. C2X Cryo increases circulation by exposing the body to ultra-cooled air, purifying the blood and transporting nutrients and oxygen to the body’s soft tissue. This accelerates healing, allowing you to reach your body’s ultimate potential.
  • Who should not do C2X Cryotherapy?
    Anyone who is pregnant, has severe unmanaged hypertension (BP> 180/100), has a cardiac pacemaker, is being treated for cancer, has deep vein thrombosis, acute or recent myocardial infarction, uncontrolled seizures, fever, unstable angina pectoris, Raynaud’s syndrome, cold allergy, acute kidney and urinary tract diseases, open wounds or ulcers, or is under influence of drugs or alcohol is advised not to use Cryotherapy. We are not medical doctors, please see a qualified Dr. for any medical advice.
  • Is it Painful?
    It's cold but not painful. The temperatures reach downward to as low as -320F, but it is never actually touching your skin.
  • What if I’m claustrophobic?
    Throughout the entire Cryotherapy process, your head is kept outside of the cryo unit and is constantly exposed to normal, room temperature air. The door closes but does not lock, so you are always in control. In addition a trained operator is always present to ensure your maximum safety.
  • What is the TribeFit Program?
    "TribeFit" is the high intensity functional fitness workout designed to make you fitter, faster and stronger. The program combines athletic aerobic movements with functional strength exercises to help you feel and look amazingly fit!
  • What is the TribeCore Program?
    "TribeCore" brings toning, strength, stability and power to your core. It’s designed to train the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back, shoulders and abdomen, starting from the deep torso muscles to develop firm, strong abs.
  • What is C2X Bootcamp?
    C2X Bootcamp is a fitness program designed for all ages and athletes of all abilities. The majority of attendees are C2X Wrestler members or fitness enthusiasts who aren't ready to commit to the the Tribe Fitness membership.
  • What is the Youth Wrestling Program?
    We are excited about our future wrestlers and leaders! This program is designed to create a love for wrestling through solid technique, fun conditioning and fundamentals to help prepare our young athletes for a long future in the sport of wrestling. Kids enrolled in our youth program will compete in local area individual and dual team tournaments several times each month during the youth season (November through March). There will also be opportunities to participate in local area scrimmages with other clubs. This program is designed to introduce your new wrestler to the sport of wrestling in a FUN, SAFE and SUPPORTIVE environment.
  • What is the Advanced Wrestling Program?
    Our advanced wrestling program focuses on high-level technique taught in a systematic way with a focus on mastery of key positions. These advanced wresting practices include ample time for technique repetition all under the watchful eyes of our experienced coaches. These athletes will also be expected to achieve competition-level conditioning and fitness - Maximum effort is the expectation in this program.
  • Does C2X travel to wrestling events in and out of state?
    Yes, C2X coaches attend single and team events all across the united states. We communicate with our Club Members via email, website, and weekly news letters about any events we will be participating in.
  • How do I get a spot on a Team wrestling Event?
    Before traveling to any team events C2X coaches will provide the opportunity for any qualified club wrestling member to challenge for a spot on the team. For additional informatoin please contact one of our coaches.
  • Why Do I need an AAU Membership?
    C2X Wrestling Academy is a member organization of the Amateur Athletic Union. The AAU is one of the sanctioning bodies for amateur wrestling competition in NC and is the organization that provides C2X with club insurance. An AAU membership will permit your wrestler to participate in all AAU sanctioned events and will provide your wrestler with secondary accident insurance coverage (Sports Accident and General Liability). The membership period is from Sept 1 - Aug 31 and membership costs just $16. Note - When completing your membership please use the Club Code - XXXXX - to properly affiliate with C2X Wrestling Academy.
  • What should I know about wrestling "Hygiene"?"
    Here at C2X we take cleanliness, health and personal hygiene very serious. Wrestling is a contact sport, and as such certian measure should be taken to ensure each member of our club is protected, and is wrestling with partners who are clean and free of any possible skin infections. Coaches should be informed of any suspected infection to ensure that each wrestler in our club is aware. Here are some tips to follow to ensure the best wrestling hygiene: Shower immediately after practice or competition. The best way to prevent wrestling skin diseases is by taking a shower immediately after wrestling practice. If a wrestler doesn’t shower right after practice, they should as soon as the get home. Change shirts frequently during practice and wipe off before putting on new shirt. Wipe off after practice or competition with anti-bacterial wipes. Do not wear your wrestling shoes on the street. Wearing your shoes on the dirt or the street can transmit diseases from your shoes to the mat. Wash wrestling cloths frequently, in other words do not leave them in your bags, and do not use them for multiple practices.
  • What is C2X Yoga?
    C2X Yoga is an effective and exciting metnal and physical workout. It is a safe practice that will make you sweat and work hard, Commit to excellence while connecting breathing with movement.
  • I am new to Yoga is it for me?
    Yes, Yoga is for any and everyone. People of all ages and fitness levels can do the most basic yoga poses and stretches.
  • What if I have health issues? Are any of your fitness clases good for me?
    Yoga is a great activity for you if you have exisiting conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease. It gives you strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness. For additional Yoga Health Benefits check out - If you have any pre-exisiting conditions please consult with a medical professional before attending any fitness classes.
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