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Our Values

C2X Academy is an organization focused on human empowerment and holistic transformation. We believe excellence is not a destination; rather, its a journey, a habit, a high standard we set for ourselves in every aspect of our lives.  


At C2X we are not about perfection; rather, we are about doing our best every time in every situation.  We are about having the courage to do the right thing and to tell the truth, to ourselves and to others, even when its not convenient. We are about falling in love with our craft, the process and the work itself.  We are about being a light for everyone we encounter; inspiring some to start, supporting and encouraging those who are already on the journey.  


We are about being present and fully paying attention to the task at hand with no attachment to the outcome. Ultimately, C2X is being relentless about continuous improvement because if we can commit to this one goal, everything else will take care of itself.



C2X provides coaching and training opportunities for wrestlers and fitness members of all skill levels. 

At C2X We are committed to teaching and mentoring young athletes through the sport of wrestling to strive for individual excellence in all aspects of their lives, developing character, self-confidence, self-discipline, mental toughness, and a strong worth ethic to prepare them for life’s challenges. 

Tribe Team Training

At C2X Tribe our mission is to inspire our Health and Fitness community to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Tribe Training creates the opportunity for us all to be a part of something bigger than ourselves; it delivers the promise that ‘together everyone will achieve more’.

Through incredible leadership, programming, workout delivery and care, Tribe creates an environment where all team members succeed beyond what they thought possible.

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